Letter shell


The impact of having an envelope on its chest.
It’s a love letter from RIN.

The 3/4 sleeve cardigan is perfect for summer wear. The monochrome look created by the casual knit and sheer organdy looks cool.
It's a playful and free-spirited item that can be fastened with the buckles hanging from the sides, or worn loosely with the hooks that can be fastened anywhere.

Back wrap pants


The bottom with “movement” is RIN’s specialty.
It’s full of details, such as an A-line curve, a jagged hemline, a skirt that hides your bottom.
But it’s also comfortable with the elastic waist.
We have a solid black polyester version and a two-tone linen version available.

Kasumi kyami


We layered many layers of thin, sheer organdy.
It’s so light that it flutter even without wind.
Cute, gorgeous, gothic, punkish and elegant.
Various expressions appear depending on the coordination.
A camisole with a hazy, airy feel.

Asa nami


We used a lot of coarse linen cloth with vibrant colors.
The design resembles wildly undulating, overlapping waves.
The swaying of the fabric and its rough texture are the greatest charms of linen.
The fluttering silhouette and sheerness of this dress will make you feel refreshed, and want to stroll through the summer.

Natsu kurumi


A summer version of “KURMI” that was so popular in the winter.
It’s short and sleeveless, and looks like a vest or a shawl.
Made from lightweight French linen, this is a must-have summer outerwear.
An item that can be worn freely, whether around the waist or over the shoulder.

Kiba one-pi


The design was inspired by the image of fangs ready to bite down.
A dynamic jumper-skirt with randomly placed fangs from the collar to the back.
There is a gap between humorous details and dignified strength.
The thick shoulder straps fall into a V shape, giving the back a somewhat nostalgic look.

Filter top


A hazy sense of transparency, like a gauze filter has been applied.
The fabric is so light that it feels like you’re not wearing it and has a dry-touch feeling.
The large square organdy sleeves have two holes, so they can be changed to short sleeves or 3/4 sleeves.

Ayatori one-pi


The delicate string work on the neckline is like playing cat’s cradle.
Pintucked French sleeves run down the back like little wings,  and have soft knitted sleeves inside.
From the pattern to the assembly, it was a series of intricate and new attempts.
This dress is made in an unusual, puzzling way that is not bound by theory of making clothes.
This is a dress that we’re proud of because it's a design that only RIN could make.

Ice cube


Bold front motifs on a simple shirt. A collage of rolling ice cubes.
The large slit in the back looks like a wing. A bright, refreshing clarity, like soda water in summer or drops of cold water.
A top that condenses the images of summer.



A thin, foil-like fabric.
The rustling sound of fabric like the sound of silver bells.
It’s washable and doesn’t wrinkle, and it looks beautiful.
Feel the evolution of polyester.
Asymmetrical silhouette with the details that takes the advantage of glossy fabric.
It’s a skirt that you’ll want to look at from every angle and turn around in front of the mirror.

Lace under


“It would be nice to have something like this” We made it happen.
Not too cute lace, underwear slightly visible from the hem, stress-free innerwear. This is a secret item that will only make you feel good.
A petticoat that can add a little hem to a mid-length skirt.

Sode kanna


Your coordination will be completed with this one piece.
A striking asymmetrical top.
The many layers of petals on only one sleeve are eye-catching.
The characteristic of RIN’s clothes is that they are decorative yet easy to wear.
We always aim to create clothes that people can’t help but pick up.
We use “Takashima Chijimi”, a cotton crepe from Takashima, which is famous for its chijimi and has the highest quality feel.

Slit cargo


RIN’s pants are evolving year by year.
It has a reputation for making you look more stylish.
This time, we make rough, high-quality linen 3/4 length pants.
Features large pockets and slits at the hem.
The pointed slits give the silhouette a light movement.
Deep, understated, beautiful brown color.
Also available in khaki and off-white.

Heavy linen body bag


We always think that a bag made by people who make clothes is just like clothes.
Fits your body well and doesn’t damage your clothes, and can be worn.
We won’t tell you where the little hidden pocket is.
It’s a mystery that the front pocket is a tunnel all the way to the other side, but we won’t tell you how it goes.



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